I lie stretched out on the couch, my feet resting on a camping chair. It is a bit dark inside, in this house with thick walls, small windows and a low roof. All of that is to keep the heat of the sun out. The temperature is nice.
The fire, lit with oak wood is not really necessary for a comfortable temperature. The two young dogs lay together on the couch. Outside it’s rainy. Not continuous, but it’s grey, and occasionally there is some rain and wind.
I am just by myself this morning. The host and hostess have gone to Evora for a driving lesson. I went with them a few times before, opportunities to see the surroundings and hear about the climate, nature and culture. Today they left too early for my taste. Now, ten o’clock, I am rested, have showered and shaved, and i enjoyed my breakfast of porridge with nuts and fruits.

I can relax. I don’t have any obligations. I am in a beautiful place and there is enough work to do. Enough to do, but I don’t necessarilly have to. I am welcome to help and I did, with pleasure. But I can also go for a walk, which I did and enjoyed. The surroundings are green this time of year. The grass is high, and a few trees are still leafed. Rocks are spread through the landscape. Eucalyptus trees complement the picture with their lovely smell. The river in the valley is not flowing. Amazingly it’s dry, because of the extraordinary weather of the last year. Every time I go out for a walk, my socks and shoes are soaked. I think it’s time for a new pair of them. The soals are worn down so much, I regularly slip.

It takes a few days for me to realize I am completely free to do whatever I like. With this new insight, I realized a big contrast. I am relaxing. The only thing my mind is occupied with, is simply “being”. To be there, in the moment, with people, in the beautiful environment. I just am, and that is enough. The contrast is in the acceptance of this feeling. I used to feel opposed to these moments of rest and relaxation. This time however there is a great feeling of relaxation from the start. And that is a good thing, because while we are in Foros do Queimado, it is still winter. It looks a lot greener then I am used to though. Luckily the temperature is pleasant. But I steel feel the urge to slow down. And I will. I will surrender to that feeling. I am resting, relaxing and just being. That’s it. And it charges me.

Landschap midden portugal in de winter


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