Life’s meant to be lived. The last time I felt very lively was in 2014. I got on the bike, with Ecolonie in France as my destination. The goal was to explore a sustainable way of living. Those six weeks in France had somehow  awakened  me in a cerrtain way. Back in The Netherlands I was overwelmed by the speed of the existence I was part of. It took me quite a lot of effort adapting to this way of living again.

On a sunny late summer afternoon I found myself crying in the arms of Marloes. It felt as if I finally allowed the pain of my soul to show it self. It was time to face the pain. Not being able to thrive in the current way of living, always adapting and more focused on just  surviving  rather than living, was the cause of my misery.

I desired to “live”!  “Just” to be who I really am, and to thrive in that , “that is” , and nothing more. I desired to just be me, just as I experienced last summer at Ecolonie. Where I worked and lived in harmony with nature.

When the storm lost its power, I found some structure in my life. I worked and studied. Slowly I felt some more rest and peace. With this dreams started to wake me up. Adventurous dreams and dreams about living more natural and sustainable. I watched documentaires and started to read again . “The Celestine Prophecy” for example ,  really got me thrilled. It inspired me to follow my own path. To follow my heart , and this heart of mine is looking for something authentic, peaceful, nature, conciousness ,  and a life that fits me. Very important for me is, that to be part of the recovery ,I want to be part of creating a sustainable green world. For this I need to leave the warmth of home. I have to say goodbye to the jobs that pay for the bills. Say goodbye to my loved ones. It’s time to step in to life’s flow,  and face the adventure as a free man.

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