another summer at the Pilgrimsnest

another summer at the Pilgrimsnest

Early morning sunlight is hitting the pine trees, lighting them up in a golden glow. After some snoozing and a meditation to reconnect with the body and breathing, it’s time for me to get up. I put the duvet aside and place the feet on the floor. I feel the moss, leaves and pine needles touching the sole of the feet. As I get up, I feel how life is carrying me and I move myself to get out of the dome-tent. I emerge in the open space next to my cosy summer home. There I find myself surrounded by the same pine trees which I was just admiring through the window of the tent. Behind me there’s a patch of lively dancing boxwood. I’m facing East to see the morning sun. I can’t say it’s an early morning, since the sun is already quite high up. It must be around nine. I continue the morning ritual that helps me to connect to the body and to stay grounded. This means I’m giving the body the chance to shake and rebalance itself. Followed by a Yoga practise which an Italian friend taught me recently and another short meditation.

The feet carry me over this carpet of moss and grass, which covers this mountain hill soil full of rocks. Surrendering to the healing energies around here, I find myself transforming all sorts of stuff, sorrow and grief from the past, worries about the future and so on during my third stay at the Pilgrimsnest. I leave the dancing boxwood behind and walk by the big beech tree which watches over the barn where all sorts of life-pilgrims rest themselves. But first there’s Pilgrim, the donkey. He shouts out for attention. Which off course will be answered. After a short cutting intervention with Pilgrim, I obey nature’s call to use the compost toilet.

The whole of this place breaths love and respect for it’s king and gatekeeper of the sacred lands of Bugarach; Eddy. Now accompanied by his big love Christel and a beautiful lionlike cat called Leeuwke. Which jumps up to run to his feeding place every time I want to pet him, even though I’m not the one to feed him.

When I arrive at the shelter, the big table resting on four massive pine tree trunks is already filled with with coffee and tea. Kids are moving around and someone is cooking porridge. Eddy appears from his house carrying a tray containing homemade bread, cheese and some spreads.

I prepare breakfast of oats with some seeds, nuts and raisin and find a place at the table. There was I time that I feld really connected to myself and everything around me. Now this feeling of being connected is a lot less. The grounded feeling as a result from my morning ritual evaporated in no time. I feel the need to stay quiet, to be alone, to move little, and to process all the latest events.

Besides the King and Queen as the steady people on this nest, there’s Astaria. A woman who arrived here the same day as I did. Both of us carry a similar mission; finding a home. For Astaria this quest is one very clear. She’s looking for a specific house in the region. For me, it’s about finding solid ground and peace in and with myself. As we connect really well, I do feel some of her tension when it comes down to her French househunt. Which off course is just as much my own tension concerning a home.

For a while the house hunt seemed to be a pretty disappointing one. Despite of a lot of help and recommendations the right house didn’t seem to come along. Some synchronicities led to a very rewarding day. This particular day we, Astaria, Jacky and me got in the car to Bugarach to visit a potential house. Already I felt I was at a turning point. But I found there was still enough energy to accompany them this day. Besides I really wanted to support Astaria in this one.

I switch on the phone to see if any messages have come through. Disappointed I switch off the data roaming since no messages seem to have come through. I’m waiting for the confirmation of a booked airline ticket. Which for some reason is a pretty big deal to me. I feel relief and excitement when I talk to John on the phone who confirms the ticket has been sorted out. Having another look at the email I see the confirmation in the inbox.

A brake at Fountain des Amour gives me the chance to let go of some tension, relax and soak up some of its healing energies. Surrounded by magical forest, a little waterfall feeds a pebble deep enough to swim in. Before the water continues to flow ahead passing many other little pebbles. I lay myself down on one of the rocks while Astaria seems to be assisting Jacky in a process to let go some of her emotional ballast. With her feed in the cold water I see how Jacky lights up.

Uplifted after this intervention we continue to find the house near Bugarach. Two people allready gained something beautiful this day. Which makes me expect quite something for the third; Astaria. I feel positive expectations towards this house as we approach. I feel the connection the owners have with this house. The owner’s love for this property shows itself, in the way it has been renovated. The boxwood forest with a cedar at the border on the property completes the magic of this place. In conclusion there’s some financial and business talk.

We celebrate the outcome of this day, eating a pizza at an apparently good pizza place in Rennes les Bains. We’re all excited for Astaria, since she has a very good feeling about the house. She starts making arrangements right away in order to get to the next step to buy this jewel with a stunning view on the Bugarach mountain. She has found a home. Jacky found something for herself. And I‘ve got a new adventure ahead of me. During a sweatlodge ceremony in April I saw the picture of me returning to the Pilgrimsnest. Where I’d find the next step in Life. And this step is both getting very clear and becoming reality now.

I guess you can imagine, being on a turning point already myself this morning, after this series of events, I find the man with the hammer. Hammering me down with the message, you’re doing great. Now take some time to just be and let everything integrate in yourself. So I do.

Thank you.

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