After I decided to leave, I wanted to go immediatly,  but where, and how? I didn’t have to think long about this. My time at Ecolonie was lovely. The surroundings, the people, the rest, the feeling of harmony. There I was happy. I’ll go there again , but there’s more initiatives where people work in harmony with nature and where people live with respect for each other. I heard stories about Spain and Portugal that really got me exited too, so I decided to go visit these countries as well.

I’ll be traveling by bike. The speed on a bike is so slow, so I can really feel connected with my surroundings. It is a good way to really feel the land. Besides,  it’ll be a physical challenge to cycle all those km’s in a southern direction. Pedalling my way up hills to ride down again on the other side,  along with with the sound of the wind rushing by my ears, and of course , cycling is a pretty durable way of traveling!

The idea is,  to find people into couchsurfing, so I can meet new interesting people, and of course to enjoy a good night of rest. Which is a good start for the next day on the road.

I found Spring is a nice time to go out and start my new way of living. Just as nature starts to slowly show it’s beauty again after a period of quietness and rest, it’s time for me to start the adventure after a period of preparation and inner work.

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  • 28 november 2015 om 00:00

    It’s good to see you have made some entries to your blog in English, Wouter. Hope to see more when you are ready…

    Love, gratitude and light, dear brother,


    • 28 november 2015 om 23:48

      Hi John!

      Yes, I started this translating the entries before. In a life that requires lot of my attention I didn’t manage to keep up doing so. Now it looks like a good friend I met on my travels before loves to help me getting things translated.

      Love, gratitude and light to you too brother!

      See you on the Espéraza market tomorrow!


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